Terms of Sales

Any order placed on the e-commerce site http://www.thiv-vrac.fr implies acceptance of the following general conditions, without reservation.
You are therefore invited to read them carefully.

1. Preamble

The website www.thiv-vrac.fr, referred to in the following articles as "the site", is an electronic commerce space (commonly called "e-commerce"), accessible at the following address www.thiv-vrac. Fr.
This site offers several services:

• Remote control :
‣ Long-life products (food, cosmetics, cleaning products, zero-waste accessories, etc.) mainly sold in bulk, ie by weight.
• To transport and store each product ordered in bulk, provision of containers such as kraft bags, jars, glass bottles:
‣ to buy on the website www.thiv-vrac.fr;
‣ or recovery (clean container offered) that can contain the quantity chosen by the customer.

‣ Delivery by the Mondial Relay or La Poste network
‣ Withdrawal only at the Thiv'vrac grocery store, 33 rue Jean Jaurès 24800 Thiviers.

The publisher of the site www.thiv-vrac.fr is the company THIV'VRAC, hereinafter referred to as "Thiv'vrac":
SARL with a capital of 1,000 euros
Head office: 33 rue Jean Jaurès  24800 Thiviers
SIRET 90336181400010
The term "customer(s)" here designates any adult natural or legal person who places an order on the Thiv'vrac site.

2. Purpose
The general conditions of sale (CGV) described below aim to specify the contractual relations between Thiv'vrac and its customers, in accordance with the regulations of distance selling.

3. Acceptance of the terms of sale
The T&Cs will be valid as long as they are online and may change by decision of Thiv'vrac, without informing customers in advance. All versions of the GCS will be archived by Thiv'vrac so that in the event of a dispute, Thiv'vrac and each customer can refer to the GCS in force when the order was registered.

By accepting these general conditions of sale before any order, Thiv'vrac's customers undertake in particular to be in legal capacity to contract.
These general conditions supplement the "Privacy policy" section which can be consulted here or from the site banner, which will be displayed as long as the use of cookies has not been validated by the customer.

4. Products
• Information and photographs:
‣ Thanks to the product sheets available on the site, the customer can find out the main characteristics of each product, communicated by its supplier. The photograph of the product is not contractual and provides the customer with a simple preview of the product he will receive.

• Availability and  to have :
‣ When certain product(s) in the basket are unavailable at the time of preparation of an order, Thiv'vrac offers the customer a credit note of a value equal to the missing product, in the form of a promo code at apply to a next order.

• Preparation quantity:
‣ The quantity prepared by Thiv'vrac can vary by + or - 5% compared to the customer's request.

5. Containers
5.1. Containers are available:
‣ On sale on the website www.thiv-vrac.fr in the “Container” category.
‣ Offered: these are Kraft bags, as well as recovered and clean containers.

5.2 The customer chooses his container:
The customer can choose in which container his product will be (for bulk products only). Indeed, he can specify it on each bulk product sheet.

5.3. Exceptions for household products and bulk cosmetics:
For household products, the customer must add a suitable container (example: bottle, bucket, canister) to be chosen in the “Container” category.

• Specificity Withdrawal in store:
‣ The customer can bring us his own containers before Thiv'vrac prepares the order. These containers will be stored in a box on site.
‣ The customer can come at any time to pick up their containers.

6. Order, price and payment
• To place an order the customer must:
1. Go to www.thiv-vrac.fr,
2. Create his basket by selecting the products he wishes to have and specifying the quantity. During his selection, the customer will see the price* per kg of each product and the price* corresponding to the quantity he chooses. Before validating his basket, he will have the possibility to modify his choices (types of products selected and quantities), and to choose for each product the associated container (container belonging to the Customer or kraft bag / jar / glass bottle / canister / bucket ,...) to buy on the website www.thiv-vrac.fr or clean recovery containers.

* All prices advertised on the site are in euros including tax (all taxes included). They will be able to evolve on the decision of Thiv'vrac. The customer will be invoiced according to the prices in force at the time of the validation of his order, finalized by the acceptance of his payment. Orders are therefore validated on the day of their finalization by the customer, which triggers their preparation by Thiv'vrac before delivery.

If the customer has not chosen a container, Thiv'vrac will package the chosen products in the most suitable container.

3. Once his choices have been finalized, the customer must accept the T&Cs to validate his basket.

4. The customer will then arrive on a new page:
‣ Where he will have to fill in his contact details for the delivery if it is his first order, or if he has not already registered, by filling in the exact information necessary for his identification and his future exchanges with Thiv' bulk (surname, first name, telephone, e-mail address, postal address and password).

  Where he can modify his contact details if necessary if the fields are pre-filled thanks to his account created and connected beforehand.

• Identity theft or false identity
‣ Any identity theft or false identity may lead to the closure of the account and may give rise to prosecution. Any multiple registration, use of the account by several people or other fraudulent actions may lead to the termination of the registration. As for the password chosen by the customer when creating his account, it must be personal and used only by him, any disclosure to third parties being prohibited.

5. Once his contact details have been completed and verified, he can:
  For collection in store: select a delivery slot at the Thiv'vrac grocery store, 33 rue jean Jaurès 24800 Thiviers
‣ For “Mondial Relay”: choose your pick-up location from among the 11,000 relay points in France, to be noted in the “comments” section before choosing your delivery method.

6. Upon validation of this page summarizing the delivery information and the contents of the basket, the customer will finalize his order.

7. To confirm the registration of his order, the customer receives:

‣ from thiv-vrac@outlook.fr, an e-mail summarizing their order with the products selected, their quantity, the container chosen for each, the prices* and the details of the delivery (address and slot).

• Thiv'vrac reserves the right to refuse an order to a customer with a liability for orders placed on the site:
‣ payment arrears,
‣ fraud or attempted fraud,
‣ or even repeated difficulties during delivery.

7. Delivery
7.1. Areas served, slots and prices:
The customer can choose the delivery method "Pick up in store" or "Mondial Relay" to receive his order.

‣ For withdrawal in store, the customer must go to the Thiv'vrac grocery store, 33 rue Jean Jaurès 24800 Thiviers to collect his order.

• Slots:
For order withdrawals from Thiv'vrac, the customer must notify Thiv'vrac of a possible delay and Thiv'vrac reserves the right to offer him another slot in this case.
As soon as the order is ready, the customer receives a confirmation email informing him that he can pick up his order at the Thiv'vrac grocery store, 33 rue Jean Jaurès 24800 Thiviers.

‣ For delivery by Mondial Relay:
The delivery times announced by Mondial Relay are valid under normal service conditions but could be disrupted by road accidents, climatic incidents or events requiring deviations: Thiv'vrac will not compensate its customers in the event of any delays.

The information provided by the customer for delivery is essential to allow Mondial Relay to meet the deadlines announced. In the event of an error in this information, the customer will assume full responsibility for an undelivered order and cannot claim a refund.

Prices :
For more information on delivery slots and prices, you can consult the delivery page of the site.

7.2. Treatment of “unclaimed” or refused orders:
‣ "Unclaimed" orders are those which have not been picked up by the customer at the pick-up point within the time allowed. The return of this filled package being invoiced to Thiv'vrac by its service provider, Thiv'vrac will send its customer by email a voucher, in the form of a promo code to be entered at the end of his next basket, of the value the difference between the total paid by the customer and the delivery costs invoiced to Thiv'vrac by its service provider for this order.

‣ The parcels of “rejected” orders must be photographed by the customer and sent to Thiv'vrac by email (thiv-vrac@outlook.fr) to justify the reason for the refusal (eg damaged parcel). If this refusal is justified, Thiv'vrac will offer its customer the return of the same order, provided that all the items are still available, supplemented by a purchase voucher (in the form of a promo code to be entered at the end of his next basket) of the value of the missing items if necessary.

7.3. Selected relay not available, saturated or closed:
In the event that the Point-Relais® chosen is closed or saturated, the package may be automatically redirected to another local business or distribution center of the carrier, without notifying the customer in advance. The parcel will thus be sent to the nearest Point-Relais® available according to the carrier.
In accordance with the Mondial Relay general conditions of sale, the customer will be notified directly by the carrier of this change once the package has been made available. No reimbursement of the delivery service and no modification of the Point-Relais® can take place as a result.

8. Damaged or incomplete order
If the order received is damaged or incomplete (damaged containers or packaging, missing or damaged products), the customer must report it:
  to the Thiv'vrac team when picking up in store,
‣ at the Point-Relais® where he will collect his order, and photograph it before refusing it (Cf. 7.2. Processing of “unclaimed” or refused orders). And in the latter case to the company Thiv'vrac, by email: thiv-vrac@outlook.fr within 48 hours of delivery in order to be able to initiate a compensation procedure for the products concerned by the complaint. Details and photos may be requested from the customer by Thiv'vrac to verify and consolidate the complaint made. If the claim is deemed admissible, Thiv'vrac will pay for the return of the damaged items or will organize their reimbursement according to the customer's preferences.

9. Right of withdrawal
In accordance with Article L. 121-21-8-5 of the Consumer Code, an exception to the right of withdrawal in the context of online sales for the "supply of goods which have been unsealed by the consumer after delivery and which cannot be returned for reasons of hygiene or health protection”. Products sold in bulk benefit from this exception to the consumer right of withdrawal. (Source: Legal guide for bulk sales, Vrac Network)

10. Liability
Thiv'vrac is relieved of all liability if its services are degraded for reasons beyond its control such as out of stock, climatic incident, accident or breakdown, customer input error. Thiv'vrac cannot be held liable for consequential damages, in particular computer or material damage, which may arise from the purchase of the products.

11. Applicable law and disputes
French law governs this contract which is written in French. For any complaint difficulty related to a Thiv'vrac order, the customer is advised to contact Thiv'vrac (thiv-vrac@outlook.fr or in order to find an amicable solution. In the absence of an amicable settlement, the French courts have exclusive jurisdiction to settle disputes relating to orders placed on the site.

12. Personal data
Information about the customer (surname, first name, address, telephone, etc.), requested by Thiv'vrac when placing an order on the site, is necessary for the proper performance of its services and is considered confidential. These data can only be:

‣ shared with Thiv'vrac service providers to ensure the smooth running of the preparation and delivery of orders.
‣ used to inform the customer of commercial offers and news from Thiv'vrac.

The customer can exercise his right of access, rectification or deletion of his data provided to Thiv'vrac or oppose this data being used for commercial communications, in accordance with the amended law 78-17 of January 6. 1978 relating to "computing, files and freedoms" by making the request by telephone or by mail.

13. Intellectual Property
Thiv'vrac retains the exclusive intellectual property of its site. Any reproduction, copy, exploitation, distribution or complete or partial use of the software or visual elements of the site is prohibited, except with the prior written authorization of Thiv'vrac. Any person not respecting this property is liable to prosecution.